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09 Mar 2012


I have seen Anthony on 2 occasions and both times I have been told things that no one else would know. That's enough to win me over.

Natalie w
28 Mar 2010
Name: Shirley
Comments: hey anthony, can't wait to see you again take care x

Name: Shirley
Hello Anthony, I came for a reading with you around this time last year (towards the start of Feb), during this time I was going through IVF treatment and you told me that I was being told to "get on with it" with reference to having babies.

I am not expecting that you will remember my reading but I just thought that I would let you know that on 22nd November I was blessed with a perfect and lovely baby boy (Scott).  He has made my world! I thought it would make you smile to know that I did 'get on with it'.

Many Thanks, x

Name: Steve
Comments: Hi Anthony, it's Steve here - you gave me a reading on Thursday lunchtime last week, I'm the self-confessed "open minded skeptic" who was pretty much shocked into silence by your reading.
Still no idea who "Leigh" is, but the "blinkered man trying to hold me back" is definitely showing his cards now.
As for the relationship issues... what can I say except when I examined how I felt and what I knew to be true (especially after certain events that have happened since your reading), I really feel that you've helped show me the road I should take.
Hope to see you in a few months - stay well and take care.

Name: Sarah (Kolmar)
Dear Anthony, You kindly read for me at the One Life Exhibition at Olympia last Saturday afternoon, and I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for such a magical and life changing experience.
The energy was so incredible at the exhibition and I was very drawn to have a reading with you.  How very grateful I am that I did, as that reading has changed my life! 
I am thrilled to tell you that I have now embarked on the foundation step of my journey, by signing up to study an ITEC qualification weekend course in anatomy & physiology.  The school I have chosen to study at comes highly recommended by friends who have personally studied there & intuitively it feels so right for me to study there too.  This is a 4 month course, and I plan to continue onto their reflexology ITEC weekend course & then, well, who knows - they run so many courses that I am going to remain very open!!  I feel like the world is my oyster now - I am so excited to commence my journey & say NO to procrastination!! :-)  (The school is called "MSCM" - Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine).  It's time to seriously plan leaving that desk job behind . . . 
All of this is because I was fortunate enough to have a reading with you.  I am so grateful to you, your guides and the spirit world.  
I was going to try to come to your event in town on Monday evening, but I have an important meeting with my course tutor, so won't be able to make it.  However, I would be delighted to attend on another occasion, and will be highly recommending you to my friends and family.
Again, may I thank you, bless you and send you love & light.
God bless.
PS - Also, I would be honoured to appear on your 'Comments' page on your website.  Please feel free to either use any extracts from this email, or contact me if I can assist you in any way.  By the way, your site is great!  I particularly love your welcome wording on your first page - a beautiful touch.

Name: Mari Salisbury
Area: Cardiff
Comments: Hi Tony, just dropped in to check out your site, I'm very impressed and the nicest thing for me was to see your face again. For some reason it calms me and makes me smile, I don't know when we will meet again but I hope it will be soon.
I send you my love and all the light I can send.
take care x x x

Name: Maria Hernandez
Area: Acton, West London
Comments: Anthony thank you very much for such a wonderful rewarding, reading, it has lifted me and made me feel so much better.

Name: Belinda
Area: Hertford
Comments: Thank you for an honest and full reading. It’s nice to meet someone who is taking you seriously and not clock watching! I will take on board what you have said and look forward to seeing you again.

Name: Ashley
Area: Lincoln
Comments: Thank you so much. In my opinion the best and most accurate reading I have ever had.

Name: Jo
Area: London
Comments: Hello Anthony you read for me on Tuesday and referred to a woman called Lydia, who at the time I did not know. I wanted to let you know that afterwards my Mum found out from my Nan that her uncle married a woman called Lydia. Many thanks.

Name: Nick and Carol
Area: Brighton
Comments: Thank you for our reading, it made a lot of sense and gave us hope for the future.

Name: Geraldine
Area: Staines, Middlesex
Comments: Anthony thank you for a very rewarding reading. I related to all of your comments. God bless!

Name: Beverley Reynolds
Area: West Palm Beach, Florida
Comments: When are you coming back to the USA. Please return we need your guidance.

Name: Maria Gonzales
Area: Benidorm
Comments: Antonio, Gracias for bringing your work and gift to us here in Spain.

Name: Elena
Area: Crete, Greece
Comments: Anthony how nice to meet you that day at the bar/café right on the beach at Troulos, Skiathos. You were just sitting there quietly and I noticed your sign saying you were doing tarot readings. Being interested I of course booked a reading with you. What a magical and unexpected way to spend time that afternoon.
The information you gave me did come true. I did end up going to university in Paris and I did meet the Frenchman Patric who, as you predicted would become the love of my life.
We do now live between two shores. We spend half the year in Paris and the other half in Crete. And thank you for reading for me again by phone.